Luciane Sperling

"Drawing on her faith in God and universal power that everything is possible, turning each crisis into a blessing."

Luciane's passion and purpose is to show women their beautiful and unique inner light. Their light that they own inside: ready to shine!

To assist women in learning how to believe in their worthiness and inner peace, even when an unhealthy person is trying to break them, or the world is falling around them. Challenge is an opportunity to climb higher.

Luciane has recovered from many crisis situations through the years. While living in Australia, she had threatening complications during and after the birth of her lovely daughter Joahnne,followed the challenge of experiencing domestic abuse and all the surviving challenges encountered as a consequence. This has motivated Luciane to bring awareness about this delicate social issue, supporting women and children who need a hand by drawing on her faith in God and universal power, that everything is possible, turning each challenge into a blessing.

I have recently discovered that I am a Multipotentialite Woman of Power.

I have worked long and hard to know 'who' I am, and I am on a journey to discover 'why' I am, will you join me? 


I feel the breathe of life through my skin. I feel so alive. I feel grateful about the sunshine and the storms. I feel life around me everywhere. My emotions run very deep... I am the kind of woman who cries when watching children dancing, or people singing.


People say to me that I have 'everything under control' and that I am always in good spirits, and that my personality has them enchanted! The reality is, that thinking that 'everything is under our control' is nothing more than an illusion.

I am a heart centered woman, I am a faithful woman, I am a loving and dedicated mother.

I am a dreamer and a doer, I am stern yet compassionate, I truly believe all things are possible for all people, I have the will to make a difference.


I love working to bring people to a place of peace and love with each other. I have a strong sense of empathy, I have always been able to read other people's energy and their needs. I am a spiritual woman, I am grounded and consciously aware.


I am absolutely and totally passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people around me. I believe that peace is always the ultimate goal. I am a visionary woman, a natural, dedicated and focused entrepreneur. I believe in the strength of community, and in supporting each other. I believe that we are in this world to constantly learn. 


I want you to know this: You have one journey, and you have one legacy to leave behind - for the sake of future generations. You must grow in order to be in a better place in the future, and that this growth is directly related to helping each other and in earning - and in giving - forgiveness.



Love and Light to Your Success, 

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