MIBA - Mum's in Business Association Central Coast

An innovative and secure space for Mothers in Business to network, connect and support one another.


In 2018 Luciane became the facilitator for MIBA Central Coast, MIBA is the brainchild of co founders and sisters Estelle Keeber and Leona Burton who you can learn more about MIBA below.

Mums in Business Association is a place where Mums from all over the World come together to learn, support each other and network. Whether you are a fully fledged business owner or just starting out with an idea….MIBA is the place for you to develop and grow!

In less than 14 weeks we have brought together over 22k women from all corners of the Earth.

MIBA VIP: It's far to easy to give up as a Mumpreneur. We get it, taking care of home, family, and the idea of running a business can be overwhelming! That's why we've created the MIBA VIP membership space! This space offers everything you need for building the life and business of your dreams!


  • New and innovative training every single month.

  • The Branding Collection

  • The Goal Setting Collection

  • The Niche Collection

and much more... 

If you would like to find out more, or sign up head over here!

GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM: Our Grow your Instagram training is going to teach you simple techniques and strategies to help you create and grow your Instagram Tribe!

GETTING SHIT DONE: Tired of procrastinating in your business? This course was specifically created to help you take action in your Life and Business!

GROW YOUR GROUP TO 1K: Do you have a group or page that just doesn’t seem to grow? Fed up with posting out to a non-existent audience? Want to know how to attract your IDEAL clients. Grow your Group is a training specifically tailored to show you HOW to figure out who your ideal client is, WHERE to find them and HOW to attract them.

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