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Book Touched by Love - Introduction

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There are times in life where we can find ourselves living in such odd situations where the unthinkable happens, and where we feel there is no way out to the road of hope. This book is primarily about love, universal love, but also about crisis and how important it is to be able to view opportunities and blessings hidden behind our broken feelings. We all came into this world with a spiritual mission to learn and grow through connecting with people throughout our journey. I believe people come to our life for a reason and they are intentionally presented into our world with the purpose of growth, while experiencing how to deal with challenging circumstances between us. From the Creator, we received this gift of an amazing chance to make life better with each other if facing our real weakness and fears, by experiencing pain and healing, achieving spiritual freedom, which will allow us to finally succeed at being ourselves in our full potential.

This book has no intention to be an autobiography but is about my personal story of love and pain and my journey of growth through it while struggling to navigate and survive into a completely new world being quickly unravelled, and also while being a lovingly, busy and very dedicated mother. How I could, at some point be able to see things wisely from another angle, when I took myself emotionally out of the situation and faced my reality. I learnt that other people’s journey does not belong to me, and yet more important, had to mentor myself again to value and respect my core values. It is about finding blessings through the crisis and feeling grateful for the learning and grateful for the people who were meant to be in this process.

Crisis can be considered as any event if it wipes out your ability to make sense out of what is happening. You may feel helpless and the victim of events beyond your control and expectations. The unexpected does create uncertainty and fear and is seen as a threat to your dreams and goals. Yet the crisis can be reduced to something manageable when we regain good sense of understanding and self control through the ability of training your mind to see those events with different emotions.

That is when you find blessings. Blessings are signs to the faithful of the spiritual benefits achieved through the act of giving thanks; see the beauty and find joy and happiness in the middle of a hard time ... this is a gift from God.

I hope that you, the reader, will be able to find your blessings through the crisis situations you may be living right now. Any challenge that would be dragging you to the point of feeling hopeless is actually your unique chance of opportunity to overcome it all, making better decisions and choices for your life and finally being able to find yourself living the purpose you really were called for, even before you arrived in this world.

Luciane Sperling

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